Did You Know About Move Over & Slow Down Laws In Kentucky?

Every state in America has what is known as a Move Over & Slow Down law intended to help roadside workers, emergency services workers, and law enforcement officers by requiring drivers to slow down and move over if able whenever one of these workers is present and in the process of doing their jobs on the side of the road.

The National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund states that since 1997 over 150 law enforcement officers have been fatally struck by motorists. In a similar area, the National Traffic Incident Management Coalition shows statistics that annually over 200 roadside workers are likewise fatally struck by motorists.

Despite every state in America having these laws, a poll conducted by Mason Dixon Polling & Research shows that 71% of Americans are unaware of any of these laws in effect in their states.

All of us here at Tim Short Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram want to help spread awareness and help keep our roadside workers and law enforcement officers safer.

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