Old Oil Change Myths Dispelled

As we all know it used to be a common belief that you needed to change your oil every 3,000 miles. However, that myth has been dispelled, and it is now largely believed and accepted that you can go well over 3,000 miles. Now the lowest you can go is about 5,000 miles while vehicles built in the last 20 years can go over 7,000 miles.

Now just like everything else in life if you are not sure when you need to get your oil change you can always refer to your owner’s manual. The reason the vehicles can no longer is that of the modern technology and advancements in the auto industry.

Now if you want to have a tech look at your car and make sure you are getting your oil at the right time or if you are getting it changed too often or not enough, please feel bring it by our dealership and let our staff help you.

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