Dealer Maintenance? Or Your Local Garage?

Which is the best place to take your car for servicing? If you have ever asked this question, you likely received some diverse points of views. It’s true that everyone has their own opinion.

The people who service the car can ultimately determine the longevity of the vehicle. The type of services can also significantly influence the resale value of the car. That's why we recommend going to a dealer like Tim Short Chrylsler Dodge Jeep Ram for your maintenance needs.

Our service technicians are held to a high standard, use OEM parts, and often have the best information about outstanding warranties. We can help you make sure your car is in factory standard condition when it returns to the road.

Need maintenance? Schedule an appointment at our service center in Morehead, KY to experience the quality of our services. Give us a chance and we'll make sure you leave a satisfied customer.

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